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Neoteric Study

Neoteric Study organizes short-term study programs worldwide, in collaboration with premier universities and institutions. Distinguishing itself from conventional study abroad initiatives, Neoteric Study programs provide unparalleled international exposure, networking prospects, and avenues for personal and academic enrichment.

Our programs transcend traditional boundaries, immersing students in hands-on activities, fieldwork, and exploratory visits to renowned tourist attractions and historical sites. As participants engage in these enriching experiences, they not only acquire academic knowledge but also cultivate vital skills for their personal and professional journey. With Neoteric Study, education becomes an adventure, fostering a holistic and transformative learning environment.


Our Parent Company


Neoterican, headquartered in Wyoming, USA, is an educational organization dedicated to offering the youth international exposure through different engaging programs. Our mission is to nurture a fresh vision in young minds, shaping them into the leaders of tomorrow. We offer a platform where young individuals immerse themselves as leaders, taking on responsibilities and collaborating to determine the best course of action for global challenges. Through our projects, we strive to impart crucial skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship, analytical thinking, problem solving, negotiation and communication.

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Fighting Climate Change

At Neoterican, we contribute a portion of our revenue to carbon removal. We believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal.